Client: The Needle Drop / Anthony Fantano
Studio: nicaTV
Art Direction, Design, and Animation nic a
Composition and music design: Nick Bass Wright
End Music: "Gritty Salvador" by Jumblehead


"The most popular music vlogger, and certainly the most recognizable, is Anthony Fantano, aka The Needle Drop. Watch one of his videos, and his head will stick in your brain." -Spin

2017 was the year The Needle Drop hit 1 million subscribers. The goal of the project was simple: create animations that emphasize on Anthony's strange, dry, and sometime self-deprecating, internet fandom. Inspiration came from Anthony's most famous one liners, twitter beefs, and memes.

Everything was designed and rendered in 3D. The aesthetic goal was to create animations that feel like the strange fan art Anthony encounters online.

21 of these shorties were created. Below are selection of the top favorites.