Client: Google IO 2018
Studio: Instrument
Lead Director: Dan Schechter
Producer: Andrew Barden
Designers: Mike Guss, Vanessa DeSpain, & Marthvader Koenig
Lead Animator: nic a
Additional Animation: Yuriko Zubia
Developers: Hannah Cin & Paul Farning


The end of 2017 was capped off with an incredible opportunity to re-brand Google's biggest event. Working with Instrument for 2+ months was one of the
most rewarding collaborations of my career. The designs handed to me were
abstract but bold enough to inspire my motion explorations.

The highlights of my work resulted in the animated IO logo, 2018 hashtag, and
session animations used at the event. My explorations also resulted in the
direction for the coded IO "countdown" and followed by interactive svg animations
throughout the IO website.

The collaboration with designers and developers is always a very stimulating process.
Add the world's most interesting company and it really becomes something special.



IO 18' Logo